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FireStarter -  Barbecue fare needs a wine that will stand up to both the char of the grill and the zestiness of the sauce. There may be...

FireStarter - Barbecue fare needs a wine that will stand up to both the char of the grill and the zestiness of the sauce.

There may be no better wine variety for the job than Garnacha (a.k.a. Grenache), which exudes an array of complementary fruit flavors and spice notes. Blend in some Carinena (a.k.a. Carignan) for added depth and more vibrant color, and you have the perfect cuvee for washing down flavorful barbecued meats.
That’s the recipe utilized by the makers of Firestarter — a Garnacha-based blend that includes a “serving” of Carinena, crafted from grapes grown in one of Garnacha’s historic homes: Spain’s Aragon region. There, the long, hot growing season accommodates full ripening of the grapes and, ultimately, big, bold flavors in the finished wine.
The 2008 Firestarter was described by one of our tasting panel members as “rich and chewy,” and it will motivate you to start a fire in your backyard grill.
Hyatt Vineyards - was established by Leland and Lynda Hyatt in 1983. Evolving from a modest Estate vineyard surrounding the Winery, Hyatt Vineyards has grown to 180 acres in four separate sites all within 3 miles of the original plantings.

2013 Fachada Sauvignon Blanc-Chilean wines have been skyrocketing in popularity over the years. The combination of quality and value have made wines from Chile a no-brainer when it comes to selection. It is no different with Fachada Sauvignon Blanc from the famed Colchagua Valley. This Sauvignon Blanc starts off with a gentle perfume of honeysuckle and jasmine. Leading to a mouth of Asian pear and honeydew melon, finishing with a balanced acidity of green grass and kiwi fruit. Considering Chile's admiration with seafood dishes, this wine pairs perfectly with anything from the sea you bring the table with succulent fruits and even cold sides such as tabouli.

2012 Laberinto Malbec - Malbec is Argentina's signature grape, so strongly associated with the country that they are practically synonymous in the wine world. This Laberinto Malbec will show you why people love the Malbecs of Argentina. Deep red in color, the wine showcases a delightfully intense nose with notes of blueberries and cherries. These delicious notes continue on the palate balanced by a subtle spicy note of black pepper. The sweet and fruity flavors at the start meet soft tannins for a long and lingering finish. Malbec deserves to go with a hearty red meat or roast dish but also makes a good pair for red sauce pastas (think spaghetti with meatballs).