MOMiN - Natural and Organic Baby products. {Best for your Little Ones}

MOMiN utilizes natural and organic ingredients in order to make the lives of yours and your baby’s easier after the efforts of childbearin...

MOMiN utilizes natural and organic ingredients in order to make the lives of yours and your baby’s easier after the efforts of childbearing. Our Greenicare® Baby Series, accounts for your baby’s sensitive skin while our OutdoorShield® Baby Series, helps to lessen your worries when their curiosity answers nature’s calling. We work in order to support your child as he or she walks through life with stumbling steps. Our goal is to transport the extra boost that nature wants to give to you and your little one.

Our Products
Greenicare Baby SeriesWith your baby in mind, our Greenicare® Baby Series focuses on developing the most effective and considerate product fit for an infant’s skin. We are so confident in the carefulness that we have put into this collection of baby necessities, that not only will it help the natural development in your baby’s skin, but we are also sure that it will be effective on your skin as well! The main goal for this series is to explore the natural ingredients provided from the earth and use it to benefit you and your child. 

OutdoorShield Baby SeriesOh how they grow! Introduce your baby to the great outdoors, without the unnecessary worry of curious and harmful insects. With our OutdoorShield® Baby Series, feel assured that your baby is getting full attention without the risk of bites or injuries. And when life gives you bumps, walk over it comfortably with our ointment and our bite relief. Now you can let your child roam, without experiencing the irritating buzzing in their ears.

Why Organic?

Just as organic foods are better and more nutritious for you without the use of genetic modification; organic skin care products are safer and healthier for your body. A person's body absorbs about 60% of what is put on them, and so chemically enhanced creams and lotions can be harmful towards not only one's exterior body, but also can be affecting their overall health. Now with this in mind, imagine how a baby's skin can be damaged by chemical irritants. An infant's skin is noted to be about four times thinner than that of adults, and is super sensitive against even unnatural fragrances. MOMiN® is a great option when looking for baby essential products, because we understand and take in consideration the sensitivities of a baby's skin. We engineer natural and organic products in order to keep irritations away from your child, and utilize ingredients which have their own beneficial properties which, on their own, can help the condition in your and your child's skin and overall health. We at MOMiN strive so that not only do you benefit from our products, but that each individual ingredient gets to shine by showing you some of its wonderful properties! Visit our ingredients page to read more about nature's finest gifts to baby skin care!