The Dual Therapy LED Skin Rejuvenator.

Want your skin to look beautiful and healthy, with the  The Dual Therapy LED Skin Rejuvenator  from Hammacher Schlemmer you now have ...

Want your skin to look beautiful and healthy, with the The Dual Therapy LED Skin Rejuvenator from Hammacher Schlemmer you now have that option. If you suffer from Acne and scars I would defiantly recommend this magic wand. I have been using the Dual Therapy LED for about two months now and am blemish free, you can also use this amazing product to get rid of wrinkles, yes I have seen it work. 

This is the best way to get rid of wrinkles,scars,and acne as it is a non surgical treatment. You can do your treatments at home for as low as $200. This LED therapy light is cordless with a charging usb port, so that means no wasting money on batteries. This handheld device is lightweight and can do everything within a touch of a button.

Instead of using those harsh chemicals from the store to get rid of your acne you can now just use this light, no chemicals needed for me when putting something on my face or body I don't like the idea of it as there is so many harmful things in products now days. 

Also did I mention this is pain free, yes no pain at all. Just simply place the LED light on your face and let it set, no burning, no itching. 


 The  red light prevents the signs of aging, as the light waves penetrate the skin’s surface to boost circulation and amp up collagen production, leaving skin tighter and fuller-looking. 

The LED blue light setting helps destroy bacteria and shrinks the oil glands associated with acne and other conditions.

Love your skin with the Daul Therapy LED Skin Rejuvenator.