Method Dish Soap!

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Method Dish Soap

The Bottom Line

I love Method Dish Soap. The dish liquid works without leaving a thick residue to rinse away. Method Dish Soap is ultra concentrated, and trust me, a little goes a long way. The bottle design is unique and functional. Simply lift and squeeze to release a small amount of dish liquid directly from the bottom of the bottle. No gunky lids, or turning over the bottle. Method Dish Soap performed well for my baked on lasagna pan, plates will chili residue, and melted cheese messes.
  • The lightweight formula of Method Dish Soap rinses away thoroughly and is gentle on skin.
  • Method Dish Soap's unique bottle design allows you to grab and squeeze with no lids to open.
  • The ultra concentrated liquid lasts a long time and requires very little to clean.
  • The soft aroma of the mandarin is fresh and calming.
  • Contains no phosphates or harsh chemicals.
  • Method Dish Soap 25 oz bottle retails for around $5.00.
  • Scents for Method Dish Soap include mandarin, mint, lavender, and cucumber.
  • I recommend it to anyone that wants to try a wonderful dish soap to deep your dishes clean and shiny!