WHIMZEES - Natural Dog Treat! #HolidayGiftGuides

Whimzees Natural Dog treats are made with all natural ingredients and are gluten and vegetarian free. These cute little treats almost look like a toy rather than a dental bone. 

Diesel is mine and my husband's first dog. He is very loving and loves to run and play in the woods. He loves when he knows he is getting rewarded with a treat. If I say Diesel do you want a bone his tail starts wagging and his eyes get really big. We expanded the family and added our new member whos name is Tank he was a rescue and loves to play and eat bones.  

When giving our pets treats and food. It is very important to know what ingredients we are giving them. I am very careful when it comes to giving my pets anything I always check ingredients first. I love natural ingredients as it is not harmful to them and is best. 

All Natural Colors

  • Alfalfa Extract For Vitamins K, C and six Bs, beta-carotene – our all-natural green color.
  • Annatto Extract Rich source of antioxidants, from the Annatto fruit – our all-natural orange color.
  • Malt Extract Enhances natural flavor – our all-natural brown color.
  • Calcium Carbonate Helps reduce the risk of tooth decay, and helps maintain strong, healthy bones – our all-natural white color. (Toothbrush XL only)

Broccoli is one of the worlds healthiest foods.

I grew up being a picky eater, I've grown to try new things without being picky. I use to not even think about trying broccoli until my Mother in Law made it one day and I took a step and tried it and loved it ever since.

I am 6 months pregnant with my first child and want him to be able to try new things and not be picky like I was.

With every meal I make a vegetable either Broccoli or Fresh Green beans fried with bacon and onions are my favs! I would love to share a family recipe of cheese sauce with you.

What you'll need:

1 can of evaporated milk or 1 cup of milk
1 cup of shredded cheese or cheese of your choice

Add one can of evaporated milk or a cup of regular milk to a microwave safe bowl and heat for about 3 minutes until extremely hot then take out and add your cheese and stir until all cheese is melted. You can also do this on the stove instead.

It is a very good source of dietary fiber, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin E, manganese, phosphorus, choline, vitamin B1, vitamin A (in the form of carotenoids), potassium and copper. Broccoli is also a good source of vitamin B1, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, zinc, calcium, iron, niacin and selenium.

Decorate your home with Mohawk Home Rugs #GIVEAWAY #HolidayDecor #ilovemymohawkrug

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With Christmas quickly approaching as you are trying to decorate in time for the Holidays, rearranging furniture to set up the tree, and hanging up the stockings. This Christmas a Mohawk Home Rug will look perfect in your home just in time for the Holiday season.

My husband and I are purchasing our very first home this Christmas and we will be very busy trying to get all moved in and unpacked as well as decorated before Christmas arrives. Mohawk Home Rugs add that special last touch to your home decor.
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Winner will be able to choose from one of the below selections of rugs:


I choose the Mohawk Home Squared Up 6-Foot 6-Inch x 9-Foot Multicolor Area Rug for my new living room. I collect wooden baskets and thought this design would go perfectly. I love all of the different shaded colors that are within this one rug, it makes it unique. 

Mohawk Home Squared Up 6-Foot 6-Inch x 9-Foot Multicolor Area Rug

You can choose from Indoor,outdoor,kitchen,bath,doormats,and area and accent rugs, also rug pads that will extend the  life of your rug.

Mohawk Home includes an expanded product line featuring area rugs, accent rugs, bath rugs, utility mats, doormats and rug pads. With such a wide assortment of choices and combinations, Mohawk Home is making it easier than ever for customers to create a space that is a unique extension of their personality. 

The last touch of making family and friends feel welcome at our new home, I added the Mohawk Mosaic Mythos recycle rubber door mat to our front door step. As it brings color and happiness to our front porch.

Mohawk Mosaic Mythos 23-inch x 35-inch Recycled Rubber Slice Door Mat

Links to where you can purchase these choices among others on the Bed Bath and Beyond website.



Minted - #Photoshoot #GIVEAWAY

With this Holidays right around the corner, it is time to get families together to get the perfect Holiday Christmas card photo. I am a photographer and love to capture wonderful lifetime memories through my lens.

GIVEAWAY! ENTER HERE : http://www.minted.com/el/hol_creativelittlecarrie

Minted.com offers Holiday cards, ornaments for the tree, wedding invitations,baby shower invitations and even art. Shop hundreds of different cards, a choice for everyone. They also offer FREE online Holiday party invitations. 


When preparing for a photo shoot these are my must haves:

  • Good lighting - I prefer natural lighting, Golden hour is my favorite time to capture images.
  • A Tripod 
  • Props {I prefer not to try to hard on props as I go for a more natural look}
  • Extra memory cards 

Capturing photos with the right camera. I have many cameras I use for different occasions. 
I mainly use my Nikon D610 and my Sony A65. 

                                            {Photos taken with my Nikon D610}

The Nikon 610 is perfect for low light photography and getting sharp images. The cost of this camera is a little high {$1,599.95 for body only}  but it is worth every penny if you are looking for a high-end professional camera.

I also use the Sony A65 which is perfect for wanting bright color pop photos I love it for landscaping and some portraits, depending on the time of day. 

                                         {Photos taken with my Sony A65}

Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology #HolidayClean

Shark has brought us the new Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology, With the small brush roll, you are now able to get all of the dust and particles that have been secretly hidden in your carpet and hardwood floors.

You can use the Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology everywhere for your cleaning needs, In the car, the couch, curtains,vents and even ceiling fans. You also now have a washable filter with the new Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology.
Are you sick of having to move your furniture just to be able to get underneath to vacuum, with this machine you don't have to, you can easily vacuum underneath hard to get areas with no hassle.

With hardwood flooring, it is hard to get all of the pet hair and dust. With the soft brush roll, you can now pick up all the pet hair and dust you have on your hardwood floor in just seconds. I love the LED lights, easier for you to see where you are cleaning.

Purchase here - http://direct.sharkclean.com/16/products/shark-rocket-duo-clean-vacuum-hv380/2/microsite/pgv/?_ga=1.124482703.401901704.1477964067

Freshly Picked Moccasins #GIVEAWAY

Freshly Picked offers a large variety of Moccasins, now even for Mom's Dad's and babies, So that means you can get matching moccasins for the whole family. Moccasins are my choose for baby shoes as they create a feeling of comfort for your toddler, they are able to feel like they are barefoot but with a little protection.

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Benefits of  soft sole moccasins for babies.

  • Helps the feet to grow normally and to develop musculature, strength, and the grasping action of the toes.

  • Protection: Barefoot strolling permits your infant’s feet to grip the floor and helps him balance, but possibly unsafe surface areas require the use of shoes. 

  • Walking support: The thin soles permit your child’s toes to grip the floor as he’d if he went barefoot, making it easier for him to walk. Soft-sole shoes may likewise help him better develop his sense of balance and coordination.

The Benefits of Colloidal Silver and How To Make Your Own #silverhealer #honeycolony

If you haven't heard of colloidal silver or nanosilver, be watching. With more and more people reaching towards a healthy, clean lifestyle, ionic/colloidal silver is becoming a popular alternative treatment for common health issues. 

In my search for a healthier lifestyle I have changed the way I eat, the dishes I use, the household cleansers I choose, the personal products such as shampoo, body washes, moisturizers and even makeup. I try and consider all things I consume. That goes for medicines and treatments as well. 

I used to depend on pharmaceuticals whether prescription or over the counter for all my aches & pains, sick spells, and illness. In seeking health I came to realize that all of those things were not making me better or helping, but only treating symptoms. Treating symptoms with things unnatural to my body. I wanted to start addressing the real cause of any problem I was having. I wanted to start curing.

My change in thought has lead me to treat pretty much everything naturally. I use essential oils and natural supplements and am having a lot of success. 

One area of concern, regarding my natural medicine cabinet, was antibiotics. There are times we need them. However, they take a toll on the body, as they not only kill the bad bacteria but they kill off the good bacteria too. This creates an imbalance that takes work to get back.

I learned about and bought Colloidal Silver. it's pretty pricey. Then I learned about the ability to make it at home. I was so excited when I found the Silver Healer Colloidal Silver Generator at Honey Colony.

Just take a look at all the benefits! For me it's necissary to be in conrol of my supply.

51 Researched Benefits Of Silver

1. Silver has shown the ability to wipe out common throat ailments such strep.
2. Ten drops of silver in the ear can aid in wiping out ear infections.
3. Quality colloidal silver soothes and wipes out eye infections (conjunctivitis, stys).
4. Colloidal silver has been shown to treat rhinosinitus in sheep, suggesting it can clears sinus and upper respiratory infections.
5. Silver ions have shown promise in inactivating influenza and maybe show promise for inactivating other viruses.
6. Silver nano-particles have shown success in promoting anti-inflammatory properties.
7. Silver-coated endotracheal tubes have shown promise in prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia.
8. Placing silver induced products on the urinary tract has shown promise in treating Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
9. Over time, antibiotics lose their ability to combat infection. Silver has been shown to boost the immune system to fight infection.
10. Silver nanoparticles have shown promise against hematophagous parasites.
11. Swishing silver in  the mouth has been shown to prevent plaque buildup, tooth decay, and bleeding gums.
13. Digested silver quickly combats food poisoning.
14. Silver has the ability to kill mold (including black mold) and mildew on surfaces throughout the home.
16. Applying silver to rashes can aid in  soothing itches.
17. Silver has the ability to kill various fungi, including  athlete’s foot and nail fungi.
18. Silver has been successfully used to kill staph infections, including MRSA.
20. Silver has shown success in inactivating the herpes simplex virus.
21. Silver infused water has been used to support  HIV/AIDS intervention.
22. Silver has been shown to kill cancerous cells and has been considered as an alternative treatment to chemotherapy.
23. Silver applied to insect bites provides relief from itches.
24. Silver applied to infected areas can kill ringworms.
25. Silver applied to the vaginal area can combat yeast infections.
26. Relief from jock itch can be found through applying silver around the affected area.
27. Silver’s antibacterial properties can provide relief from acne breakouts.
28. Applying silver to the scalp can relieve itchy scalp and dandruff.
30. Silver’s ability to kills single cells organisms allows it to treat eczema when applied to the affected area.
31. Silver shows promise in treating psoriasis.
34. When applied on mayonnaise and dairy products, silver has the ability to prevent salmonella growth.
35. Ketchup, mustard, relish, and other condiments get a prolonged life with the addition of silver.
36. Silver’s anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral can help treat Lyme disease.
37. Silver’s antiviral properties help combat the common cold.
38. When applied to the scalp, silver can promote hair growth.
39. Sixty-six percent of patients in a trial found that their warts regressed when silver was applied.
40. Silver’s anti-microbial properties have shown promise in stopping asthma attacks.
41. When ingested, silver has the ability to combat Whooping cough.
42. Using colloidal silver regularly allowed one woman to treat her Multiple Sclerosis.
44. When ingested silver can heal a pet’s stomach ache.
45. Silver can heal pet skin issues such as rashes and ringworm.
46. When pets leave messes on the floor or carpet, silver can get rid of nasty odors.
47. Applying silver to cuts helps treats both human and pet infections.
48. Applying silver on cuts can prevent infections in pets.
49. Silver has the ability to keep pets fungi-free.
50. Colloidal silver can penetrate the large intestine and treat traveler’s diarrhea and cholera.
51. Silver has the ability to inhibit both Hepatitis B & C viruses.

My Experiences

I have used the silver water from my Silver healer to treat common colds, yeast infections, and as a general tonic to boost my immune system.

Recently I woke up with a sore, red eye. There was no injury, nothing foreign in it. I was worried and bound for the doctor. 

Then I thought of silver. I used a dropper and added a few drops to my affected eye. First time using brought soothing relief. Three more times through the day and it was back to normal and never came back. I was so impressed.

It's perfect for a sore throat. I gargle about a tablespoon every couple hours until it's gone. 

I have also treated pets. My dog has a flea allergy. Before treating him for fleas, he had a reaction - dry, scabby sores on his rump. I used the silver water from my silver healer to treat the sores. I poured over the area a couple times a day until they were healed.

I also used a live cage to trap whatever I kept seeing by my shed. it was a rat! Not a wild rat, but a domesticated rat that someone had turned loose. It was friendly and scared and had an open wound on its side that was infested with maggots. I cleaned the wound out and then treated with silver. The tissue is starting to look healthy and is healing nicely. 

Now that I own a Silver Healer, I can't imagine not having one. It's my go-to for so many things and I control the supply, not to mention the money saved! 


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At Twitter - https://twitter.com/honeycolony

Jack and Lily baby and children shoes #GIVEAWAY. #HolidayGiftGuide

Jack and Lily offers a variety of boys and girls shoes. They offer sizing from newborn to 30 months. They have a soft sole and hard sole for your babies/or child's choice. Jack and Lily have the cutest styles of shoes to choose from, it's very hard to pick just one. 

Jack & Lily’s soft sole baby shoes are known worldwide for more than just classic, funky styles and high-end quality. The period from infancy to the toddler years is a critical period in baby’s foot development. This is why Jack & Lily take the formative stages of baby’s foot growth so seriously.
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Jack and Lily would love to offer my readers a coupon for 25% off their next purchase at www.jackandlily.com. The coupon code is BLOG2016

My Mocs

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Lemonade.

Summer is here! Sit outside and enjoy this wonderful weather with a glass of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Lemonade. Enjoy your summer day  by the pool or in your hammock or even at the beach with a glass of Captain Morgan Lemonade.

With this rich vanilla and caramel spiced rum you are able to sip it straight or add it to a mix drink. I always prefer mixed drinks as they are very tasty. 

Spiced Lemonade

1 Cup of Captain Morgan Spiced rum
1 cup of lemonade
1 peppermint leaf (optional)


Fill a glass with ice
Pour Lemonade and Captain Morgan into pitcher
Pour the lemonade over ice
Then finally garnish with wedge of lemon and sprig of mint.