Shark ION FLEX 2X #HolidayGiftGuide

5:46:00 AM Carrie Hurst 0 Comments

I received this product for free via a relationship with Shark/Ninja in exchange for my honest review.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Shark's new cordless IONFlex 2x. The IONFlex offers two cordless batteries, so that way while your using the IONFlex you can also be charging your spare.
One of the main new features I love on this Shark machine is that you can choose between settings for carpet and hardwood flooring. The other feature I love is MultiFLEX Technology it provides flexible reach for under furniture and hard to reach areas. I love that I don't have to move my bed just to vacuum underneath it anymore.

I own multi Dyson's and I honestly must say none of them can own up to Sharks new features that the IONFlex 2X provides. Sharks has more battery life, easy to reach features, and LED lights, which is a must for me. I like that fact that you can remove the battery, that way you can have others on hand.It's DuoClean Technology f
eatures a bristle brush to deep clean carpets, and an additional soft brushroll to pull in larger particles and directly engage floors for a polished look. 

With the Appliance wand I can now get all the dirty crud and dust from underneath my stove and fridge. There is nothing I would change about the IONFlex two it is an amazing vacuum, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is in the market for a new cleaning machine. Instead of spending Dyson's high end prices get this amazing IONFlex for a lesser price, and its a way better machine.