The New Dyson Small Ball Vacuum Cleaning

12:16:00 PM Carrie Hurst 0 Comments

For me when purchasing a new vacuum it's like purchasing a new car. You want to make sure its going to be something that works well for years. With Dyson I can always guarantee I will not have to buy another vacuum for atleast another 5 years.

Dyson is different from any other vacuum cleaner. Dyson is the most durable vacuum cleaner on the market. They just released their new Small Ball vacuum, I am quite impressed. I own the Dyson Animal Complete which is alot larger and harder to carry up and down the stairs. With the new Small ball weighting only 12.15lb which is alot easier to carry around.

The Small Ball is also alot easier to store with the handle being retractable I can store in a small stairway closest. The Dyson Small Ball vacuum is Dyson’s smallest upright machine. It’s light to carry, with a compact storage mode designed for tight spaces.

With many other machines I have used in the past Dyson is just the one for my household. Having pets that shed hair alot is hard, but with Dyson it never leaves hair behind like most vacuum's.
I never noticed how much pet hair was left behind from other vacuums I used. Dyson doesn't mess around when it comes to pet hair. I always have to empty the container after each room use.