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FlattenMe  recently released a new book -  Blessings.   Personalized with your child's name, your child is the main focus throu...

FlattenMe recently released a new book - Blessings.  Personalized with your child's name, your child is the main focus throughout the book!  The illustrations are just beautiful - bright and colorful, makes you almost feel as if you are in the picture itself!  I love the way that best selling author Robyn Spizman writes with a poetic touch that makes this the perfect bedtime story!  It's always perfect to send your child off to bed knowing how much they are truly loved and what a blessing they are to all around them. 

Blessings is a unique keepsake for any child's personal library.  This is something they will truly treasure for their whole lifetime.  Perfect for ages 0-6, Blessings makes a great gift for the holidays, new baby gifts, christenings, birthdays or any occasion for that matter!   

Send your love and blessings to a child in your life with this fabulously

 illustrated and written personalized book. Starring your child throughout, there's no better reminder of all their life's blessings with this custom book, Blessings for You. Your little one will be drawn in by the gorgeous illustrations of our earth's beautiful creatures, while soothed with the calming prose of New York Times Best Selling Author Robyn Spizman.

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