Fried Rice Recipe

1:21:00 AM Carrie Hurst 0 Comments


Boil your chicken broth or beef broth. 
Let the chicken broth come to a boil . 
After boiled then add 2 cups of rice.  
Cut up Vegetables of your choice, I use carrots,onion,peas,and celery. 
You can add chicken or ham,I prefer chicken. 
If you use chicken you want to either boil or fry it, If you choose to fry add a little oil in a skillet then turn your chicken around in a little cornstarch until chicken is covered, then add to oil fry until brown. 
Next add you vegetables to the skillet and fry them 
If your chicken broth is done boil add your rice I use 2 cups of rice. 
 When rice is done set outside or aside until it is cold you want your rice cold before you fry it. 
 After rice is cooled add to your skillet of fried chicken and vegetables. - When is almost done make a hole in the middle of the skillet of fried rice with your spatula then add 2 eggs until scrabbles then mix together. Then you are all done! 

 This is one of my favorite meals it is the best.