Candle Warmer Review and Giveaway ends 3/20/14

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I am always using Candle Warmers in my home - I honestly have about 7. Every room in my home has its own Candle Warmer. I just love them they smell the whole house within 5 minutes. You can find so many scents for each season. I usually go for the flower scents - They are so lovely. I have found that candle warmers are actually cheaper then candles, they last so much longer. 

Practice Candle-sense, Go Flameless!

Candle Warmers Etc. was established on the principle of safe candle use. Founder Bart Kennington brought the first plate-style warmer to market in 2001 after a neighbor's house was destroyed by a candle-sparked fire.

Our "Practice Candle-sense, Go Flameless" public awareness initiative is aimed at increasing the consumer's understanding for how to safely enjoy candles and we offer the following candle safety information, tips, and resources. 

In addition to our candle warming plates, lamps, and lanterns, we also manufacture a line of candles under the City Creek Candles brand name. We passionately believe in perpetuating the enjoyment of candles–safely!
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This wonderful Warm Vanilla candle sits on the ledge of my bathtub - Love burning it when I take a bubble bath - So relaxing.