~Shark Rocket Vacuum review~

When I received my Shark Rocket in the mail I was more than excited to use it. I just couldn't get it out of the box fast...

When I received my Shark Rocket in the mail I was more than excited to use it.
I just couldn't get it out of the box fast enough, I have always had vacuums that just don't work well enough - But with the Rocket it is different and so much easier. It is also one of the lightest vacuums I have ever used. It is also self propelled - That is my favorite thing about it. I must say when I first used this when I vacuumed my living room I had to empty it altleast 3 times I never knew there could be so much dirt and pet hair. I could not see it with my eyes but the Shark Rocket sure picked it up. I have also seen this advertised on Tv and always wanted one :) but now I have one.

The Shark Rocket is leaner and lighter (less than 8 pounds), but still does the job (and more!) of a full-sized vacuum. With it's dual power settings, it can go from deep cleaning carpet and rugs, right to bare floors!  It is specifically designed to quickly go from an upright to a handheld vacuum, making it easier for you to clean stairs, cars, couches, and other small messes. Add to that it's swivel-steering, no loss of suction or power, and convenient wall-mount storage (perfect for my small apartment!) - and it really is an incredible machine.



                           Great results - so go buy your amazing Shark Rocket now.


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