Flatten me review

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Flatten me is the best way to show that special someone you care.

With pictures and poems throughout the whole book its such a wonderful idea for your Mom - Dad - Grandma - Grandpa - Ect.

I love Flatten me,there book are the greatest.

Look! Up there in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…SuperSomeone! (Are you feeling silly yet? We hope so!) There’s no other storybook out thee quite like this one, and the My Super Someone personalized book is bound to inspire smiles and lots of silliness for the entire family. 

Grab your little one and set off on a world of adventure in this personalized storybook starring your child’s personal hero. Anyone can be a SuperSomeone, from mom and dad, a grandparent, or even a favorite cousin. At once imaginative and educational, the My Super Someone custom book transforms your child’s experience of reading from passive page-turner to active participant. Watch your child’s inspiration and imagination come to life as his personal hero appears on the pages, taming animals at the zoo, jumping from the North Pole to Taipei, juggling boulders, and chomping down pizza with a silverback gorilla. Nothing will fascinate your child more than seeing his hero’s face in the story and hearing his name interwoven in the text. The catchy rhymes of the narrative will hold kids’ attention, and the joyful story will have little learners coming back for repeat reads. 

Mom and dad will love this one of a kind custom book too! Apart from seeing the world’s cutest kid seven times throughout the story, parents will love the creative plot, the vocabulary-building prose, and the playful feel of the narrative. What’s more, the detailed designs on ever y page will have you and your child noticing something new with each read.

The My Super Someone personalized storybook is truly a family keepsake, and is sure to be treasured by your little one for a long time to come. When your little one is all grown up, he’ll look back on the My Super Someone custom book an artifact from his happiest childhood days. 

Perfect for ages 4 to 104! Works with any skin tone. Available in English. Please allow 1.5 to2 weeks for delivery of your custom book.
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