My Photography Life.

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I started taking pictures when I was about 13 - They were just of myself but when I started getting older I had others tell me how beautiful pictures I take. I was young so I just thought they were trying to be nice, but then I started really getting into Photography. Everything that I seen that caught my eye I would take a picture. When I was 13 I didn't even know about a DSLR camera I just had a cheap little 7 mega pixel point and shoot camera. When I was about 18 I started really getting creative with the camera. I would take pictures of others not just myself and I would use Pic Monkey to edit them - Sometimes I edited a little to much and thought they looked ok, but now I look back and think what was I thinking.

I own the Nikon DSLR D3100 and the Sony point and shoot hx200v.
They are the perfect camera for me.


I now how a professional Photography editing program which is Photoshop and Lightroom - Lightroom is my favorite I started using that last year.It was very difficult to get use to and figure out what everything did there is so much more I still haven't even learned to use. Lightroom is the best program for my to use, brightens up my photos even when they are dark.I always edit my photos. 

It has took me a long time to be at where I am today with Photography.When I first started shooting I did not think I would be this means alot to me - It is my dream.
My favorite thing to take pictures of are babies.Babies are so easy to work with. Those cute little cheeks,those big smiles.
They make me want to keep doing what I am doing.

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