Disney Pixar Spot it words. {Holiday Gift Guide}

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Everyone’s favorite Pixar characters team up to boost early reading skills with this fast-paced card game. Race to spot matches between basic words and their corresponding pictures. Look carefully, a match could be between two words or two pictures too! Whether it’s from the monstrous world beyond the closet, under the sea, or outer space, spot the match to win! Spot it! Words reinforces word recognition and supports literacy with five fun game variations!
  • Matches can be picture-word, picture-picture and word-word featuring your favorite Pixar characters
  • Reinforces word recognition, reading comprehension and builds vocabulary
  • Develop visual perception skills, reaction time, language skills and focus. Includes 55 cards and 3 ways to play in a travel-size game tin.
If you want your child to have a childhood worth remembering, taking them to see a Pixar film should be a priority whenever a new movie is released. Pixar is known for making films with humor and heaping dose of heart to go along with all the laughs. These are movies that kids will cherish long after they hit adulthood. Pixar movies are great for entertainment, but the characters from the very best Pixar films can also help educate your child when you play a game of Disney/Pixar Spot It! Words. In Spot It! Words, there is always one (and only one) match between any two cards. Be the first to spot the match between a word and its picture. You can also match word to word or picture to picture. The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins. Spot It! Words includes 55 cards and illustrated rules that can fit inside its tin canister packaging. For two to eight players age six and up.