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At Chocoley your happiness is not only our number one concern, it’s also the basis for every decision we make—about everything. Around her...

At Chocoley your happiness is not only our number one concern, it’s also the basis for every decision we make—about everything. Around here we live by something we like to call the “Platinum Rule”—Treat customers how THEY want to be treated.

Your first Chocoley experience is the beginning of what we will strive to make a life-long relationship. We understand that customer relationships take work from the minute you find us, and forever on. And we believe it’s our responsibility to over deliver above and beyond your expectations at every place we can, every single time you choose to come to us.

One of our founding principles was that every single item we sell has to be high quality or we won’t carry it. Period. Almost a decade later we still live by that rule. We make sure that everything on our website is something we would be excited to use in our own kitchens and for our creations. From our chocolate to our molds, our caramel to our cream centers to our dipping tools, and all the way down to our chocolate candy cups and bamboo skewers, you can rest assured that if we carry it, it’s going to be a high quality item.
When it comes to ingredients, we know your creations are a reflection of who YOU are. You deserve to be seen by the world in the most positive light possible. We also think the chocolate we sell is the clearest reflection to the world of who WE are.
These things put together tell you why we searched high and low for the perfect ingredients, manufacturing processes and flavor profiles for every single chocolate product we sell – couverture and gourmet compound alike.
All of our chocolate products are made using a select grade of cocoa beans from the finest cacao growing regions of the world. All of the other ingredients – from milk to sugar and everything in between—are rich and pure. And each flavor of every line of chocolate was meticulously taste tested, and chosen for its appeal to the sensitive North American palette. The result of such care in selecting our products ensures that every chocolate we offer with our name on its label has a smooth, creamy consistency and luscious flavor that makes even the world’s most discerning chocoholics and foodies rejoice in pleasure.
Our couverture products (including our dark and milk Just Melt It! Fountain & Fondue Chocolate) were scientifically developed for a proper melting and the easiest tempering experience possible, and are manufactured using the finest traditional Belgian processes.
Our gourmet compound products (including Just Melt It! White) were developed to break through the compound chocolate stereotype, and are manufactured using a highly advanced new kind of Belgian manufacturing process for the 21st century. We consider our line of compound chocolate products to be our own living proof that you can have your cake and eat it too (in this case, spectacularly delicious chocolate that’s easy enough to use that even beginners can work with it and get professional quality results).
While all of our chocolate products are made using the exact same cocoa beans, ingredients and processes that they would use in Belgium, we are proud that we have made sure that it is all made right here in America (along with all of our other edible products). This helps us to control for quality (chocolate is pretty sensitive in transit cross continents!), and in today’s world of outsourcing, we think it’s important to keep as many jobs as possible right here at home in the United States.

Options To Fit YOUR Individual Needs

We’re often asked why we offer so many choices in the chocolates we carry. The answer is simple: one size does NOT fit all when it comes to chocolate. We know you’re an individual or business and you have your own needs. That’s why we want to make sure that we have something that will fit any specific application you have, without the need to alter the chocolate in order to use it. When we set out to develop the perfect chocolate company we talked to a lot of people who make chocolate and learned a lot about chocoholics really fast. We learned that there are those people that need something quick and easy (that still tastes great) so we went on a mission to find a gourmet compound chocolate that would fit this requirement. And we learned that there are others who are more than happy to do the work (or love the experience of) tempering, in return for the precious rewards, so we went on a mission to find the perfect lines of couverture chocolates for them.
We dug a bit deeper and learned that viscosity of chocolate—or thickness in a melted state—is really important when it comes to making chocolate creations (and chocolate fountains). It didn’t take long for us to see that there was a major hole in the chocolate market that needed to be filled by thin (low viscosity) chocolates that don’t need to be thinned in order to work with them. We regularly heard from people from coast-to-coast who would tell us that they hated adding additional ingredients or oil or wax that dilutes the purity of the chocolate.
Since there are plenty of applications where a thick chocolate is required, and plenty of applications where a thin chocolate is required, we decided we needed to offer both a high viscosity (thick) chocolate line and a low viscosity (thin) chocolate line in both our couverture and gourmet compound candy making families. This way, no matter what, there is an option to fit YOUR needs.
And of course, last but not least, is flavor. Everyone likes their chocolate a different level of sweet or dark, milk or white, so within each line of chocolate we have made sure to offer multiple flavor options just for you. And if you want to add a twist (raspberry or cheesecake, perhaps?) we’ve got a huge selection of flavoring oils for you to do just that.

We’re In It For The Long Haul With You

We want a lifelong relationship with you, so beyond what you’re buying, we think the actual experience of buying and getting your chocolate is just as important. We care so much that every person we hire – from the person answering the phones, to the person processing your internet order, to the person packing your box -- has one primary objective: blow you away with their commitment to you.
We care so much about your entire experience that we challenge you to find another chocolate supply company on the planet who takes as many steps to ensure your happiness (seriously, try! We bet you can't!). While getting you your order as fast as possible is a top priority, making sure it’s right and arrives in perfect condition is just as important to us.
From double checking the method of shipping you selected to make sure it’s the fastest possible delivery for the amount of money you paid, to checking YOUR weather to make sure your chocolate won’t arrive melted, we’re thinking about you the second your order hits our computer server.
We’ve been doing this for a lot of years and have sent tens of thousands of chocolate orders all over the continent, so we have a pretty good idea of what people order together and what is a typical “new-to-chocolate” (or new to Chocoley) order mistake. That’s why we do our best to take a moment to look at every single order that comes in to double check that the combination of items makes sense together -- if something seems abnormal don’t be surprised if we give you a call just to make sure you have the right items for what you want to make and that we don’t need to switch anything out for you!
The team pulling and packing orders in back goes through a double-check process to make sure your order contains the correct items. They then make extra sure that every single item is meticulously packed in a way that it is protected and arrives in pristine condition. Don’t be surprised when you open your box and find every detail was considered, down to the level of individually wrapped plastic sheet molds, carefully protected from bangs and scratches in transit.
And if for any reason after all of our checks and balances and attention to the details something somehow arrives wrong, just tell us. We’ll fix it. Because that’s how we know you want to be treated, and like we said at the beginning, your happiness is all that matters to us.