Clio - The First Invisible Speaker.

8:45:00 PM Carrie Hurst 0 Comments

The Clear View Clio looks more like a modernist picture frame than a Bluetooth speaker. That’s because instead of relying on traditional cones (and their requisite enclosures), it uses a curved sheet of clear, automotive-grade acrylic to produce sound. Like traditional speakers, that sound is produced via vibration, but in the Clio those vibrations are controlled by two actuators in the unit’s base. The acrylic sheet is capable of delivering mids and highs, while a tiny subwoofer in the unit’s base takes care of the low end. And because the glass itself functions as a transducer, sound comes from both sides of the speaker.

Today ClearView Audio introduced Clio a speaker that Bokamper described as “a work of art. Clio is thin, curved, clear and beautiful.” The speaker utilizes a transparent membrane that radiates the sound, with a minimalist base housing the electronics and a small, 2-inch subwoofer to produce base. The membrane is an ultra-thin, slightly curved, optically-clear acrylic glass, that Bokamper describes as “the kind of material found in a high end car to protect the instrument cluster.” A patented edge motion technology enables the invisible loudspeaker to function, with two piezo electric actuators applying force to the panel and causing it to produce sound. Because of the speed of piezo drivers, they are capable of producing accurate sound.

Clio is designed to fit into any room and style and the dipolar design produces the same sound from both the front and back of the speaker. Because of the curved panel design, it has a terrific radiation pattern, almost 360-degrees. There are two actuators creating a true stereo signal and Clio produced a surprising amount of bass for its sleek form factor, but really shined with great vocal clarity and detail.
The base is available in silver, charcoal and a dark bronze that goes well with the dark woods found in many homes. The speaker measures 9 ¼ x 12 5/8 x 3 ¼-inches (HxWxD) and weighs a svelte 1.9 pounds.