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Welcome to simplicity. This isn't the cloud, it isn't a hard drive, it isn't just a flash drive. Picture Keeper is a solution....

Welcome to simplicity. This isn't the cloud, it isn't a hard drive, it isn't just a flash drive. Picture Keeper is a solution. We embed our software onto our custom flash drives and make them available in multiple capacities. Picture Keeper gets you started protecting your photos quickly. We offer a wide variety of drive sizes to fit whatever your photo needs may be.

My Experience -  I am a Photographer and take way to many pictures.
Animals,Birds,flowers, anything you can think of, I see something I want to snap a shot. I always have no room on my memory card and I have 10 - Yes I know. ALOT right. Now with the PictureKeeper I dont have to worry about never having space on my memory cards - I just download all my photos from my memory card to my PictureKeeper then erase them off my card. 

Think about it - what’s the one thing you’d want saved if your computer crashed? Your pictures!
Here's what makes Picture Keeper great:
Initial backup finds all of your pictures. Just click "Start Backup".
Future backups only save newly added pictures.
When one Picture Keeper fills up, the next one picks up where the last left off.
Free software updates included.
SKIPS DUPLICATES! Free Print out of every duplicate photo file location.

Well, when a close friend lost all her digital images during a lightning storm, Matt Stanchie was struck by an inspiration. A father of two young children, he felt for the young mother who lost every image of her two-year-old son. Matt, who has a background in technology, thought there should be a simple, foolproof way to backup digital images.
Research reveals two important facts; the average life span of a computer is only three to five years, but a surprising eight out of ten people do not keep a copy of their files in a separate and secure place. It is easy to understand the importance of back-up, so why don’t more people do it?
Matt’s first-hand interaction with computer users showed him that even the fear of losing irreplaceable files was not enough to force someone to endure the timely and taxing process of finding and downloading files from a computer.
As a result, he began developing the solution that would become Picture Keeper, software that can search and copy all the digital images from a computer onto a USB device. The user only needs to plug in a USB device into their computer and click a single button.
With Picture Keeper there is no software to install, no wires to connect, no complicated set-up, no passwords to remember. Just plug Picture Keeper into your computer and click Start Backup to begin backing up your photos. Picture Keeper takes over from there, doing all the work for you!