The ABC'S of Yoga for Kids {#HOLIDAYGIFTGUIDE}

Our goal is to present parents and teachers with the wonderful opportunity to teach children a powerful art form, meditational outlet and ...

Our goal is to present parents and teachers with the wonderful opportunity to teach children a powerful art form, meditational outlet and physical activity that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. Yoga has been shown to have numerous mental and physical benefits that can help emotionally balance your child better, encourage more acute mental focus and also serve as a beneficial physical exercise that they enjoy doing.

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids” is a best-selling children’s book that contains 56 elegant, captivating and colorful illustrations that accompany each detailed pose. The book features 56 fun and engaging poses that children will love, and teaches them how to perform each pose using a simple description that encourages interactivity and engagement. It’s a fabulous way to get any child curious and interested about this amazing art form.

The focus of this book is all about kid yoga exercises. Some of the most popular poses are rendered into captivating and inspiring illustrations. A simple description tells kids how they can perform these fun moves and poses. By using the visual aid and colors, children are able to more easily acclimate to this book and its teachings while learning a beneficial activity that they can enjoy for many years to come.

Health Benefits of Yoga

Doctors and scientists as well as health experts have studied yoga for years to determine what the health benefits are. The conclusion is that it offers a plethora of different benefits for adults and children. A few of which include: improved mental focus, enhanced discipline, physical fitness, better circulation, improved breathing, improved posture and reduced physical and mental stress.

Yoga for Kids & Why It’s Great for Them

The health benefits of yoga are unquestionable. By teaching your children this art form, they can enjoy both mental and physical benefits that instill valuable life lessons that can be carried on to adulthood. Being able to teach your kids better focus through enhanced clarity and meditation will enable them to excel better in their learning studies, too.

Helpful Learning Cards

Yoga for kids is far easier to learn when you use one of the simplest yet most effective of all learning tools: flash cards. Our colorful cards function much like our book, and teach children about the many different poses and how they can perform them. It’s the perfect complement to your book order today, and can help you better instruct your child about the art of yoga.

Helpful tips for Doing Yoga with Kids

Getting started with yoga is actually lot easier than you might suspect. Most moves are sustained poses that involve a specific posture, which is then held while certain breathing patterns are implemented. Using this book, you can make kids yoga time an enthralling game that your children beg you to play. They’ll learn mental focus while enjoying a fabulous workout that benefits them physically.