Create - Ur - Plate {Holiday Gift Guide

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Our plates come in either sturdy glass or in disposable clear plastic. Each style comes in two popular sizes to fit your entertaining needs. Through our patented Plate-Able™ process, plate designs are interchangeable – choose your favorite design, color, holiday or special event theme. Our Plate-Ables™ are designed to fit our plates perfectly. You can change the look and feel of your plate with a simple peel-and-stick!

Each plate is made in sturdy clear glass and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Plate-Ables™ should be removed. Our glass plates come in two sizes: Dinner and multi-purpose Salad/Dessert.
10 ½” Glass Round Dinner Plate
7 ½” Glass Round Salad/Dessert Plate

Make one set of plates perfect for any occasion with our unique Plate-Ables™ system.
Switch up glass plates with reusable Plate-Ables™, or create your own personalized disposable plates with ease.
Or, choose from hundreds of designs we have available. Make it your table, your way.