Mrs. Freshly's Snack Cakes

4:56:00 PM Carrie Hurst 0 Comments

Take a look and you’ll see Mrs. Freshley’s bakes a huge variety of products that are sure to tempt any sweet tooth. Not only are they a hit with consumers, but with industry award judges too. Numerous quality and taste awards have been bestowed upon Mrs. Freshley’s over the years, including those from American Culinary Institute, Automatic Merchandiser and CSP Magazine , just to name a few.

A great way to silence your rumbling tummy is to unwrap one of our snack cakes. They’re portable, delicious treats that can be topped with either yummy frosting or perhaps drenched in rich chocolate. Whichever Mrs. Freshley’s snack cake you choose, it will hit the spot and put hunger in its place.

Good nutrition and healthy eating is important. Our snack cakes and pastries should be eaten in moderation.

All Mrs. Freshley’s snack cakes and pastries contain zero trans fat. Studies have found that trans fats produce high cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart disease. That’s why we use shortenings that have zero grams of trans fat per serving.

Most Mrs. Freshley’s products are certified kosher. Please look for the kosher symbol on the package.