Scholastic's KLUTZ Collections.

You can fold Star Wars® flyers that speed through the living room as well as they do through outer space. Each of the six starfighter des...

You can fold Star Wars® flyers that speed through the living room as well as they do through outer space. Each of the six starfighter designs has been rigorously tested by the Klutz Aerodynamics Team, and they look as great as they fly because they?re made from full-color, custom-designed papers that are authentic to the last bolt. And each paper is specially coded to make folding easy. Designs include a Jedi Starfighter, Darth Vader?s Tie-fighter, and the Millennium Falcon itself. With five copies of each of the six designs (that?s 30 paper flyers in all) you can have a fleet of Y-wings and X-wings at your command. Comes with: 60 page book, plus 40 sheets of custom-designed paper, tape, 6 foldable display stands 

Grab your little mermaid and bring your imagination, as classic paper doll dress-up meets enchantment under the sea. The Marvelous Book of Magical Mermaids takes this classic play pattern to new heights (and depths) -- it comes with six glamorous paper mermaids and three elegant paper sea horse friends. You get everything you need to dress them up and play, since our mermaid book comes with 200+ fin-tastic punch-out fashions and accessories?from gowns to crowns to jewels to hairstyles. Gorgeous mermaid tailfins in a variety of glittery, shiny, sparkly finishes add the final, magical touches. Reusable sticky dots make it easy to swap outfits, even tailfins, and the four beautifully-illustrated double-page playscapes let girls enjoy hours of imaginative play as they make their mermaids swim and frolic. We even include a built-in storage pouch so nothing ends up at the bottom of the deep blue sea . except your imagination.

Defend today?s youth from the consequences of growing up. This three-book boxed set captures the classic Klutz spirit: funny, and ever-so-slightly subversive, with ideas so odd you wonder no one ever thought of them before. Boy book? Girl book? The World According to Klutz doesn?t discriminate. This is lunacy for everyone. The set includes: The Encyclopedia of Immaturity: Short Attention-Span Edition The best and most essential life skills from our best-selling two-set of encyclopedias. The Klutz Book of Inventions The most mind-blowing contraptions from our immature take on engineering and product design. The Greatest Facts in the History of Facts An all-new book of mind-boggling realities, guaranteed to provide a lifetime of conversation starters. It?s the truth?s greatest hits, according to us. Comes with: three 100 page books, infinite wisdom, wit, and creativity, fun facts, and a bonus sticker sheet 

Air Power makes rocket science as easy as blowing up a balloon and letting go. This book and science kit in one delivers rocket-propelled fun with four easy-to-assemble vehicles -- race a sturdy cardstock hot rod across the floor, glide a hovercraft over the dining table, take flight with a helicopter, and blast off with an only-from-Klutz balloon-powered rocket. Tweak, tinker, and experiment to make your balloon-powered craft go as fast as can be. Our book contains super-clear building instructions, scientific principles, and real-world examples that make rocketry and jet propulsion simple. Air Power brings a breath ? make that a blast ? of fresh air to Sir Isaac Newton?s famous Laws of Motion. It turns out that rocket science is way too much fun to leave to the rocket scientists. Comes with: 48 page instruction book, 4 plastic parts (2 mouthpieces, thrust vent for hovercraft, blast cap), straws for blast pipes, 8 wheels, 4 axles, one hot-rod body, one hovercraft body, rocket fins and tube, helicopter blade assembly, three 9" balloons, two 6" balloons. Note: balloons contain Latex.