Bauli Authentic Italian Croissants

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Rooted in Verona, Italy, all Bauli products are baked in a REAL oven to ensure superior taste and quality.  Perfect for Easter baskets and snacking, they are made with love and naturally leavened dough. The individually wrapped croissants are available in three delicious flavor fillings: chocolate, vanilla custard, and cherry jelly. And, for those watching their figure, Bauli offers mini croissants in chocolate and vanilla that are automatically portion controlled at just 50 calories a pop.

After 18 hours of natural leavening, the croissants are soft and flavorful with a delicious aroma.They also stay fresh for much longer than most bread or cakes, without any added preservatives.

Bauli is the authentic Italian cake maker since 1922. Making holiday cakes and pastries for over 80 years using only the highest quality ingredients.Bauli prides itself in having combined the skill of homemade recipes with high technology to bring authentic Italian baked goods and holiday products to your table.
With respect for traditions and ancient recipes, Bauli products are oven baked and made with no preservatives, thorough a process of natural leavening. The Bauli family’s guiding principle has always been a desire for excellence.