Hello - Naturally Friendly Oral Care

8:22:00 PM Carrie Hurst 0 Comments

Say hello to Hello's naturally friendly anticavity toothpaste. Their original flavors, supermint, pink grapefruit mint and mojito mint, have earned the ADA seal and are clinically proven to prevent cavities and strengthen enamel. they safely polish teeth with a gentle silica and freshen your breath, but hold on, there’s more. our pastes are also free from preservatives, dyes, triclosan, microbeads and artificial sweeteners, and they rock xylitol and stevia.

and wait for it, here’s the best part: they taste freakin’ awesome. our new peach mango mint toothpaste, like all our pastes, is so delicious, you’ll develop a crush on your brush. seriously

Now kids can get in on all of the friendly action, too. free from mint and featuring flavors like bubble gum, green apple and blue raspberry, hello kids toothpaste will make them rush for the brush, without all the fuss.

hello kids toothpaste prevents cavities, polishes teeth and strengthens enamel, without preservatives, dyes, triclosan, microbeads, artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors. our pastes feature xylitol, stevia and a gentle silica that polishes those little pearlies so well, the tooth fairy’s gonna need shades. magic.