Outer Spices

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Outer Spice low salt and no salt seasoning blends provide an out-of-this-world sensory adventure, making every dish taste better than you ever thought it could.Whether you're a culinary expert or novice in the kitchen, Outer Spice will make you feel like a master chef. You couldn't ruin the taste of the dish even if you tried.

Brimming with essential minerals and anti-oxidants,Outer Spice's ingredients helps nourish and fuel the body.They only use Himalayan pink sea salt.Made from 15 of the purest herbs and spices, Outer Spice’s blends are crafted using hand-selected all-natural whole spices that are freshly ground in small batches for maximum potency and flavor.Outer Spice is always made with all-natural, non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients. It’s also a stable food in the Paleo diet. We never use MSG.

Everyday herbs and spices pack health benefits. Herbs and spices like thyme, dill, and basil are rich in anti-oxidants while crushed red pepper and pink sea salt can help reduces pain. Then we have cilantro and pink sea salt that can help regulate blood sugar while scallions and caraway are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Adding these 10 herbs and spices to food is the best way to add flavor to food without compromising health.