Carrier Stick for your Essential Oils.

11:37:00 AM Carrie Hurst 0 Comments

I love Essential Oils and carrier them with me everywhere. In the car,In my purse ect. The Carrier stick has all natural ingredients  Shea Butter,Coconut Oil,Beeswax,Sweet Almond Oil,and Vitamin E Oil.The carrier stick is just the perfect size to stick in your purse so when you out on the go.

On the site - Anyone who uses, or has used essential oils knows that carrier oil is one of most important things needed when using essential oils. Standard liquid carrier oils can be messy and inconvenient to use, especially when you are away from your house, or rushing out the door. The Carrier Stick is a combination of several 100% natural carrier oils and butters, held together with just the right amount of beeswax to allow you to use a carrier oil in a solid form. Just swipe the Carrier Stick on your desired location topically, place a drop of your own essential oils on that swipe, and rub in. It’s that simple! The carrier stick with its 100% natural ingredients helps hold your essential oils onto your skin to allow for maximum absorption, and leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished.