ScarAway Daily Discs

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ScarAwayd Daily Discs are indicated for use in the treatment and prevention of small abnormal scars, including hypertrophic scars and keloids, often resulting from:  Mole Removal, Biopsies, Acne, Small Surgeries, Injuries/Burns, Kids' Scrapes, Bug Bites and much more.

ScarAwaymedical grade silicone Daily Discs are made with an advanced silicone technology, the latest innovation used by plastic surgeons, burn centers and hospitals around the world.
ScarAway's clinically proven technology diminishes the appearance of scars both new and old, restoring skin to a more natural texture and color.  Used after surgery or injury, our advanced technology helps treat and prevent abnormal scar formation.  It is safe for anyone age three and up and for all skin tones. 

 ScarAway helps alleviate the itching and discomfort associated with scars.
Advanced Technology.ScarAway uses an advanced silicone technology, which mimics the natural barrier function of healthy skin.  Research suggests that silicone acts to hydrate scar tissue, which in turn works to soften the scar, reducing excessive scar formation and causing it to fade.

Comfortable to Wear.Each ultra-thin ScarAway Daily Disc is made with an advanced material that provides a unique combination of flexibility and adhesiveness.  Its convenient once daily application and low profile is ideal for optimal comfort and protection day or night, even under clothing.  The nearly invisible ScarAway Daily Disc is so comfortable, you may forget you're wearing it.