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The easiest and simplest way of putting essential oils into the air for inhalation is to use an aromatic diffuser. A cold air diffuser uses room-temperature air to blow the oil up against some kind of nebulizer. This breaks the oils up into a micro-fine mist that is then dispersed into the air. The oils, with their oxygenating molecules, will then remain suspended for several hours to freshen and improve the quality of the air. The anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and antiseptic properties of the oils kill bacteria and help reduce fungus and mold. Essential oils, when diffused, have been found to reduce the amount of airborne chemicals and metallics as well as help to create greater spiritual, physical, and emotional harmony.

On the site: The Aroma-Spa Vaporizer features a calming, subdued, rotating, multi-colored LED lighting feature. With the touch of a button your Aroma-Spa Vaporizer emits a beautiful ring of color to enhance your tranquil Spa experience. Simply add water and your favorite pure essential oil and the ultrasonic element produces consistent and fragrant vapor. 6 month manufacturer warranty.  New intermittent feature.Now diffuses for 6 hours or more

The therapeutic benefits of essential oil can only be experienced if a therapeutic grade diffuser is used. Just smelling an oil does not mean it is healing. Oil and water don't mix, which is why water vapor diffusers cannot disburse oil effectively. Heat destroys oil. There is good reason why Vanderbilt Medical Center chose our diffusers for therapeutic quality aromatherapy in their hospital.