Look Who' s Happy!

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Supervise your dog when feeding treats. This product is a treat and not formulated to be fed as a meal. Always provide fresh water for your dog. Look Who’s Happy treats are carefully crafted from the purest, most nourishing ingredients. The ingredient lists on our packages read like a “who’s who” of what’s healthy for pet.

On the site - Fetch’n Fillets are whole muscle jerky treats packed with savory flavor made from naturally raised beef, cage free chicken or grass fed bison all sourced from the USA – the grass fed venison they use is sourced from a reputable New Zealand supplier. 

Tempt’n Tenders are made with USA-raised, cage free chicken and are available crusted with carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato, or blueberry for a unique taste and texture.

Happy Wraps provide two tantalizing tastes with every chomp since they’re made with USA-raised, whole muscle chicken or turkey fillets wrapped around slices of dry-roasted sweet potato or carrot.

Each Look Who’s Happy ingredient list reads like a “who’s who” of healthy goodies, including cage free poultry; naturally raised meats; plus carefully selected fruits and garden vegetables. Additionally, their products are grain and gluten free, and never include by-products, hormones or artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. 

    Look Who's Happy, Diesel's Happy!