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Pure, certified organic essential oils and blends made with the finest quality plants, flowers, tree barks and other natural materials. Each essential oil and blend possesses a variety of proven therapeutic effects and health benefits.
The Ionic Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser uses a unique theorem of fluid dynamics called the Bernoulli principle. This principle gives that when an air current is forced through a narrow micro-tube its’ velocity increases. Physics states that the pressure at the exit point of the narrow micro-tube is subsequently reduced.
Due to the difference in pressure, a form of suction is created causing the essential oil in an alternate micro-tube to rise up. Finally, the fast stream of pressurized air then comes into contact with the essential oil causing fine, atomized micro-particles of oil to be sprayed against the wall of the glass diffuser reservoir.
Consequently, the tiniest particles (mist droplets that measure between 1.5 - 5µm) are diffused out of the top of the glass cap in a light vapor, while the larger bits of oil are returned to the bottom of the instrument to form a cycle.
Due to the fact that there is no heat involved the original chemical structure of the essential oils are not altered or transmuted in any way. Therefore, the particles are able to be quickly absorbed by the human body in their most natural, original state. Also, because the Ionic Nebulizing Diffuser does not use water, the environment is able to stay dry. Consequently, this is the safest, longest lasting and most natural way to directly and completely diffuse pure, organic essential oil into the air without the use of heat or water.