Candylicious Bubbles #EasterGuide

10:20:00 AM Carrie Hurst 0 Comments

Blow 'em! Catch 'em! Eat 'em! Picture dozens of yummy, edible bubbles floating through the air, with children running around in circles, playfully trying to catch them on their tongues! Candylicious Bubbles comes in four flavors: Cherry, Grape, Bubble Gum and Tutti Fruttii.

My Experience:These tasty bubbles are perfect to add to your little ones Easter baskets. How cool is that, bubbles that you can actually eat! And that are flavorful too!

Kids can create their own tasty, healthy, snack-alternatives using items that moms always keep on hand! The TMNT Frozen Treat Maker works with frozen fruit, yogurt, juice, veggies, and more!  This kid-powered mechanism is easy to use and tons of fun! 

All you have to do is drop frozen cube-sized items into the sewer pipe, push the plunger down, and crank the handle!  A frozen concoction extrudes out of the front opening into your cup!  The TMNT Frozen Treat Maker makes it easy to turn ordinary foods into extraordinary, healthy, delicious frozen-treats!