Ditto - Wear it anywhere!

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Ditto can be slipped into a jean pocket, clipped on a strap (even a bra strap) or worn on a band. It will vibrate when all (or just the important) texts, calls, emails and other notifications come through. It will also alert the user if they’re about to leave their smartphone behind, and can serve as a silent morning alarm. No loud beeping sounds to wake up the kids or partner.

If you’ve ever missed a Call, Text, or critical Uber ride because you didn’t hear/feel your phone, then Ditto is the perfect product for you! Designed to vibrate in a customized pattern that is easily selected in the App, Ditto will let you know when something or someone important to you is trying to get in touch. Think of Ditto as a “Supplementary Notifier”, a backup to your phone. Simply clip Ditto on and go about your day. Set it up for Favorites and filter out unwanted distractions, or turn on for everything and be more in sync with your phone than ever.