Hand-free-washing Microfiber Floor Mop

4:24:00 AM Carrie Hurst 0 Comments

Still overworking yourself with a traditional mop? Buying this Real Hand-free-washing Microfiber Floor Mop from Ohuhu will make your housework quick and easy! 

Why I love it?  

I love this mop for many reasons. Its very easy to use and light weight. The thing I love most about this mop it has removable microfiber pads which can be washed which is amazing instead of buying new pads each use, that will get kind of pricey, but not with this mop. Another thing that is great about this mop is all you have to do is Simply pull the telescopic pole up and down to extrude water out and no more wet hands when washing or wringing out the mop!


  • Easy to use: With magnetic joint in the mop head, it will automatically lift up for washing if you turn it back under the wringer.

  • 2-pack for Wet and Dry Cleaning: [ Wet Mop]- Super absorbent fiber head quickly and effectively cleans up dirt, dust, and other messes; [ Dust Mop]- Super-fine fiber head has static electricity, can absorb hair, paper, dirt, etc.

  • Swivel joints with 360° rotation makes it effortless to reach around and under furniture, corners, or other hard-to-reach places.

  • Stainless steel mop handle with a non-slip ABS cover never gets rust, which can also be separated into two parts for easy storage.

What makes it special from other products?

I have owned  many high end steam mops that just don't get the job done. I always have to go over the dirt spots in my kitchen floor, and other rooms in the house many times in order to get it clean. With the Ohuhu Hand free microfiber mop it only takes 3 mintutes to mop my kitchen floor which would have taken 10 with my other high end steam mops.