Tribest Humio

                           Experience therapeutic aroma with newly enhanced Humio Humidifer  by Tribest.  Humio  u...


Experience therapeutic aroma with newly enhanced Humio Humidifer  by Tribest. Humio ultrasonic cool mist humidifier and night lamp from Tribest is the perfect solution to adding moisture to dry or heated air while adding ambiance and decor to any room in your home.

Why I love it?
I love this humidifier because you get to choose the levels between Low and High. The Humio changes colors from Red,green and blue. It also has a 360° Rotating Mist Outlet – A rotating nozzle designed to easily change the direction of the mist. I also love the fact that you have the option to turn the light on and off, that is a must for me.

My experience: When I first unboxed the Humio my first thought was its very big, but big means good! When I first turned it on the steam coming out of the nossle on top was very powerful and that made me love it right there..

DO NOT use Essential oils in the Humio. It comes with a compartment at the bottom that is made specifically for oils. If you put oils directly in the water in the tank you will ruin your Humio as it will cause it to corrode.   

  • Removable Neck - Unscrews for easier cleaning and can be used as a handle when transporting the water tank for refills.
  • Half Gallon Water Tank – Approx. stores up to 2L (.5 gal) of distilled water for up to 10 hours of use per tank.
  • Cleaning Brush – Neatly nested in the base for simple storage. Use to clean Humio as needed.
  • Positioning Points – Identifies the correct position where the water tanks rests on the base.
  • Easy Push Button Controls – Adjust Humio to your desired setting with the touch of a button. Each function can operate independently and can be used simultaneously.
The Humop covers 100 square feet.

Compared to vaporizers which boil water and release a warm steam making a room feel muggy if overused, Humio releases a cool mist which can be used all day without interruption and discomfort also eliminating the risk of burn to young children. Plus, there are no cumbersome filters to replace which lead to added cost.