National Geographic's Celebrate Easter Book Review

3:43:00 PM Carrie Hurst 0 Comments


Today I am sharing with you the National Geographic title Celebrate Easter book. I want to share along with you some of my traditions. I love to color eggs along with my family. We always gather around for a nice Easter Dinner and always do a Easter egg hunt.

When I first got the book I was thrilled, the photos are beautiful as you would expect from National Geographic. 

Holiday's Around the World: Celebrate Easter, is a National Geographic book packed full of interesting info about Easter. Great to read with children, even as a adult I found it a interesting read. I learned alot. With this book title I learned alot of information about Easter I never even knew about, it feels good to learn something new.

As I sat down and read along with my two cousins which are 4 and 2 they were very glued to the story I was reading along with them about what Easter is really about, we celebrate the miracle of Jesus' resurrection.

The night before Easter which is know as Easter Eve we celebrate the light of Jesus. Many churches, people make commitments to Christianity - They have baptisms and confirmations.

As in the book says Easter is a time to rejoice, We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, we celebrate Spring we celebrate life.

National Geographic Look & Learn Farm Animal book, the perfect book to put into your little ones Easter basket. Reading the Farm animal book to your child gives them the opportunity to learn about all different kinds of animals, Sheep,pigs,horses,and chickens. 

National Geographic Farm Animal book is perfect to gift in a Easter Basket.