Back To The Root - Growing your own herb garden in a can!

12:19:00 PM Carrie Hurst 0 Comments

Back To The Roots the company that lets you grow your own garden in a can/ or jar. I was so thrilled when I first heard about Back To The Roots! With living in Indiana you can't grow fresh herbs outdoors until Spring. But when I saw you can now grow them indoor in a can I knew I had to try it!

All you do is plant your seeds of Basil,Dill,Cilantro, and Sage that is included in your Garden in a can kit. Make sure you fill the can half way with water. I noticed within 5 days the seeds started sprouting. I was so excited! 

No Chemicals * NON GMO and are Organic! 

In the Spring time I will transplanting these herbs into my Herb Garden outdoors! 

I can't wait. So make sure you purchase yours today - 
Garden-in-a-Can Set (4-pack)