Kaethe-Kruse - Monkey Carlo Dangle XXL #HolidayGiftGuide

Apollo loves the XL  Monkey Carlo Danglem, he sleeps with him at night and even during the day at nap time. When my son was first bo...

Apollo loves the XL  Monkey Carlo Danglem, he sleeps with him at night and even during the day at nap time. When my son was first born he would only sleep in our arms, he would not let us lay him down and if we did he would wake right up. With Carlo the monkey it gives him the ability to feel safe, and to feel like we are still there laying next to him. I wrap Carlo's arm around him tight. Apollo is only 8 months right now but I just know Carlo will always be his favorite stuffed to animal. 

Pinos face is hand stitched and he is made in Europe. He is perfect for cuddling and playing. He is perfect for kids of all ages, boy and girl. He is a life size cuddling monkey who almost takes up our whole bed, but we don't mind to share. Apollo loves his Carlo monkey. 

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