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GoDog pet toys are my dogs best friend. Tank who is a pit bull loves to play, when I first heard about GoDog toys I wanted to try them because i've heard alot of great things, first let me tell you they are amazing! Every toy tank has played with it gets destroyed and ends up getting thrown into the trash, with GoDog RhinoPlay toys they are indestructible. His favorite toy of the RhinoPlay line is the ball beast. The Beast ball is a puncture-proof ball that never goes flat! The Beast features a unique self-inflating valve so it will reinflate, even through tough play! 

I highly recommend GoDog pet toys as they are made of well made materials and great for the price. GoDog RhinoPlay is a line of unique and durable foam dog toys that was developed by Worldwise in conjunction with the One World Play Project.

Also GoDog has alot more pet toys they offer, another one of our favorites is Gators,These fun gators have minimal stuffing for maximum, "floppy" fun! Made with Chew Guard Technology, these colorful swamp-dwellers will stand up to tough play! They have toys for dogs of all sizes!

Where you can purchase these great toys at this link here: http://www.quakerpetgroup.com/where-to-buy/
Shop all of their toy lines with this link http://godogplush.com/

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