Ergo Chef Giveaway

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The thing about this knife is exactly what its name implies.They are ergonomically designed to be more comfortable in your hand than standard knives.  They’re lighter weight than the knives I currently use, and they just feel right. 

They are gorgeous,
They are ergonomic and that's great for people who spend a lot of time chopping
 They are super sharp, as knives should be
 The cutting blade is very thin and this allows for very smooth and thin slicing. I don't think I have ever sliced onions this pretty before or minced up coriander leaves so fine before
The knives are heavy at the front so it naturally lends more weight on whatever you are chopping up. That's clever. They don't cost a alot.
No matter how you slice and dice it, there is just no substitute for high quality cutlery.  A great, sharp knife can improve your cooking skills drastically.
Some people assume that the sharper the knife, the more dangerous it is, but the opposite is actually true.   Of course you can cut yourself with a sharp knife, but chopping using a dull knife forces you to exert more pressure and puts you at greater risk of having an accident.  It’s kind of like shaving with a dull razor.
Other than being sharp, a knife should feel comfortable in your hand.  Ergo Chef  knives are engineered to be ergonomic and act as an extension of your hand.  This is a feature that I feel really gives me the most control over whatever I am chopping.  If you watch “Guy’s Big Bite” on television, chances are you have seen Guy Fieri using these knives.
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