Night Owl Paper Goods

I recently had the opportunity to use Night Owl Paper good. I got the Christmas Cards and the Christmas tags. Night Owl Pa...

I recently had the opportunity to use Night Owl Paper good. I got the Christmas Cards and the Christmas tags.
Night Owl Paper Goods, Use Handmade letter press cards, and Echo-chic wooden goodies.
I was looking around everywhere for the perfect Christmas cards, Finally found them at Night own paper goods. Everything is handmade, They are perfect for Christmas cards, Baby showers, ect. I love Night Owl Paper Goods!
Night Owl Paper Goods sent me a few of their awesome products just in time for the holidays and I am impressed.  
All of Night Owl’s Paper Goods products are eco-friendly with sustainably harvested wood, which gives them my first stamp of approval.  The second stamp of approval comes from their high quality goods that they send out and I love that they can be personalized too!
They sent me some super cute cards.  They have lots of wonderful options to meet anyone’s standards and price range.  I was so happy with the cards that they sent me, I placed an order and got some great products for the next few holidays.
Make sure you check out Night Owl Paper Goods on their website and follow them on their Facebook and Twitter accounts!! I promise you won’t be disappointed.
With Christmas coming on fast it is time to make those decisions about cards and specialty items. Night Owl Paper is a new company to me; however, I have fallen in love with their products. Not only are their items just too cute for pictures, but they are all made in the USA and from eco-friendly recycled paper or wood. How cool is that?
While working together at a design firm and art gallery, graphic designers Jennifer Tatham and Alan Henderson daydreamed about starting their own stationery company. At first, they pursued their dream after hours, moonlighting for friends who needed invitations, logos and letterhead—any project they could print themselves.
In 2004, they went out on a limb to start Night Owl Paper Goods, a company dedicated to creating handmade letterpress cards and eco-chic wooden goodies in a style they like to call “modern yet folksy.” Nine years later, the company is still thriving!
Night Owl Paper Goods offers over 2,000 unique and whimsical cards, gifties and goodies, all of which are available via their online stationery shop, Although their company and online store are located in what they affectionately refer to as Birmingham, Owlabama, many of their products can also be found nesting in more than 1,300 retail stores world-wide!
Co-owners Alan and Jennifer continue to illustrate the entire line of greeting cards, journals, jotters and totes by intermixing their critter and pattern design styles. And of course, they are surrounded by an ambitious, hard-working team who help them keep their goodies flying off the shelves! They’re very fortunate to have created a company and product line that combines everything they love: design + printing + writing + paper + wood + nature + the environment + friends + family. What a hoot!
Make sure you go order yours today