Boogie Board Review and Giveaway ends 3/8

8:03:00 PM Carrie Hurst 0 Comments

A Boogie Board is a small slim  paperless note pad, you can do all your drawings and grocery list and save them, I save mine and Bluetooth them to my Ipad, What are wonderful idea right?

When I write on a piece of paper I always use a pen - sometimes we make mistakes and have to waste a whole piece of paper just to start over, with the Boogie Board all you have to do is press erase then everything disappears so you can write again, its a wonderful idea especially if you have little ones at home that love to draw. 

You’ll save trees and keep the backs of envelopes. Use the included stylus to make your notes, and when you no longer need them, simply press the “erase” button to clear the screen. Reduce paper consumption!

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