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When I first heard of doTERRA I did not think it would help me with all my needs - but I was wrong and it has helped me with all
my pains -knee pains,neck pains,arm cramps,back pain,and so many more.

I have always been up all through the night in pain with my knees - Im a Dwarf so walking long distances cause me back and knee pain. I have always used a rice sock but Deep Blue run has changed that I dont need a rice sock anymore I always keep Deep Blue at the night stand next to my bed. I rub Deep blue on my knees and the pain instantly goes away, I cant believe how wonderful doTERRA and their oils and lotions has helped me with all my pains!

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Jaime from doTERRA has helped me all through knowing what Essential oils really are- how they will help me,and how they are much better then pain medicine.
She is very friendly and easy going,she introduced me to Deep Blue,my main pain reliever.

An essential oil is  a liquid that is generally distilled from the leaves,stems,flowers,bark,root,or other elements of a plant. 

Essential Oils contain the true essence of the plant it was derived from. Essential oils are highly concentrated and a little goes a long way.