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Healthy DIY Natural Toothpaste

7:03:00 PM Carrie Hurst 0 Comments

Today I will be introducing you to my DIY All - Natural Toothpaste, with no harmful chemicals. You get to choose what you are brushing your teeth with. About a year ago I never payed attention to what harmful chemical I was putting into my body. This year that has changed. I am doing things that I know are healthy for me and my body. Essential oils are my #1 go to when someone in my household is sick. They are the answer for everything, even toothpaste.

First Step:
First you will need a clean container to keep your toothpaste in, then you gather what you are wanting to add. I use Clay, Coconut oil, OnGuard, Frankincense and Clove oil, and charcoal tablets. Nothing is harmful about these ingredients.
What you need:
5 Tbls of Coconut oil or fractionated - Either one is fine, I use both.
2 drops of Clove Oil.
3 drops of OnGuard {My favorite}
2 drops of Frankincense
and 5 drops of fractionated coconut oil  {optional}
How to:
First you put 5 tablespoon of coconut oil in your container, then you add 1 tablespoon of clay. Then you will add your essential oils, after that you will need to add your charcoal tablets. Just break open the capsules and add the powder in. This is optional but I always add a few drops of fractinated coconut oil in.
Stir up all your ingredients until you get a nice black paste.  

After I brush with my DIY toothpaste I always use Pulling oil after :))