Bee Pollen - A Natural way for a healthier immune system

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Bee Pollen Health Supplement is a natural way for a healthier immune system for your body. Bee Pollen is know as a nutrition food - Also know as a superfood. 

Whats in this supplement?

Stinging Nettles - Stinging Nettles are all over outside. In the woods, by creeks and something even in our own back yard. I have stepped on many and oh man do they sting, a sting that doesn't go away for awhile unless you rub mud onto it. I recently just found out that stinging nettles help so much with our body - A natural solution just out in our yard. 
Stinging Nettles helps with urinary  issues, Joint pain,arthritis, fever and bleeding.

The common honey bee is a fascinating little insect that offers us humans some valuable natural foods with health-promoting benefits. These “super foods” include bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis. Bee pollen is the pollen gathered from plants by honey bees, and brought back to their hive.

Bee Pollen -  Bee pollen is the food of the young bee and it is approximately 40% protein. It is considered one of nature's most completely nourishing foods. It contains nearly all nutrients required by humans. About half of its protein is in the form of free amino acids that are ready to be used directly by the body.