Crown Royal Regal Apple #HolidayGiftGuide

6:30:00 PM Carrie Hurst 0 Comments

I'm not a big drinker,I only enjoy a drink a few times a year.Trying The new Crown Royal Apple. I really enjoy the flavor, this is a drink I will have on a occasion now. My partner is also not so much of a drinker. We really enjoy this whiskey. I love to add some fireball to mine. A spicy cinnamon apple taste! Yummm. My in laws side of the family are Crown Royal fans as it is great quality in taste.

I want to thank Crown Royal for sending me this new flavor of Crown Royal to try.

I'd like to share a recipe of my own I whipped up tonight to spice up your Summer nights. Perfect for relaxing by the bonfire or relaxing in the hot tub or laying in the hammock watching the stars.

Hot Cinnamon Crown Royal Apple Shots

1 TBS of FireBall Whiskey
1 TBS Crown Royal Apple whiskey  
1 Tsb cinnamon spice and sugar for the top ring of the glass
Crush some atomic fireballs candies and add to top of glass ring with Kayro syrup
A slice of apple for garnish
IOn the rim add the syrup with the candies add your alcohol then add your slice of apple.